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YAMORN.COM is an entertainment media platform where you can have fun sharing funny memes, photos, GIFs and short videos.

The good news is however that you can earn up to 15,000 naira every day while having fun on YAMORN.COM.

Below is how to start earning.

Sign up by clicking the Sign Up link. On phone, this is on the drop-down menu by the left of your phone screen. Sign up by typing your Name, Email Address and Password, or by clicking on the Facebook icon to sign up with your Faceboook account.

Create a post. You can upload a video by pasting the Youtube url. You can upload a photo or GIF file from your computer or mobile phone. You can as well easily make a meme using the in-built Meme Maker.

If your post is funny enough, then it will be viewed, voted and commented on by users of the site.

Each vote that your post gets counts as a point. The views and comments that your post get also boost its position in the Top Post chart.

If your post gets up to 200 points and also makes it to the top 5 posts at the end of the day, you earn 3,000 naira.

If your post gets up to 700 points and also makes it to the top 3 posts at the end of the week, you earn 15,000 naira.

If your post gets up to 2000 points and makes it to the top 2 posts at the end of the month, you earn 50,000 naira.

If your post has up to 5,000 points and is the overall top post at the end of the year, you earn one million naira.

To increase the chances of your post getting to the top, share its link with family and friends across all social media, and then invite them to engage with your post. Also, invite your family and friends offline to visit YAMORN and engage with your post.

Remember, the more votes, comments and views your post gets, the higher it goes towards the Top.

You can create as many post as you can.

A single post can win as many times as possible, as long it remains at the top.

If all the top 5 posts of the day are yours and each of them has up to 200 points, then you earn 15,000 naira.

If the top 3 posts of the week are yours and each of them has up to 700 points, you earn 45,000 naira.

If the top 2 posts of the month are yours and each of them has up to 2000 points, you earn 100,000 naira.

You can as well get paid a million naira if your post is #1 on the Top Post chart on 31st December and it has up to 5000 points, even if you’ve been winning everyday for the past 364 days.

YAMORN is not one of those websites where you can earn millions but never get paid even a dime. You get paid all your earnings a day after you earn them on

Also, there is also no cheating as everything is automated. You can easily check if your posts are among the top 5 for the day, or the top 3 for the week, or the top 2 for the month, or the overall top post for the year at There, you can as well monitor your progress on the chart, and see how much effort you need to put into promoting your post in order to win.

This is not gambling. This is not Ponzi. It's all fun here on Yamorn.